Winter in Bran-Moeciu

Situated less than 30 km away from Brasov, between Bucegi and Piatra Craiului Mountains, Bran-Moeciu area is both a historic place and a genuine legend. 

Bran Village is situated at an altitude of 750m, on a surface of 6800 hectares together with its 4 dependent hamlets that is Predelut, Sohodol, Simon and Poarta.

Moeciu Village is made up of 6 hamlets that fused in 1968: Moeciu de Jos, Moeciu de Sus, Cheia, Drumul Carului, Magura and Pestera. 

This is where the Bran Castle is, one of the most visited castles in Europe. Besides the famous castle, here you can visit several other tourist attractions such as: Cheile Moeciului (Moeciu Notch), Bucegi Mountains, Piatra Craiului Mountains, Pestera Dambovicioara (Dambovicioara Cave), Pestera Liliecilor (Bats’ Cave), Prapastiile Magurei (Magura Pits). 

The climate of the area is temperate- continental with mountain influences which assures a tourist season throughout the whole year. Here,you can find snow 215 days a year in the highest areas. In January, the temperature varies between -10 and -15°C.

In wintertime, tourists can enjoy horse sleigh rides. Also, they can practice winter sports on Bran – Zanoaga Ski slope, which is 1000m long.