The Viseu de Sus forestry railway, located in the far north of Romania close to the border with the Ukraine, is an outstanding example of technical cultural heritage. The line is known as the “Vaser Valley Railway” - "vaser" comes from the local German word for water, in the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Travelling over a network of some 60 kilometers of narrow-gauge track, you will still find wood-burning steam locomotives running alongside several diesels and railcars. CFF Viseu de Sus ("CFF" is the Romanian abbreviation for Caile Ferate Forestiere, meaning "Forestry Railway") is the last remaining forestry railway in Europe.

The track was laid at the gauge of 760 mm (the standard for narrow gauge lines within the Austro-Hungarian Empire). The line runs alongside the Vaser River with numerous curves, bridges and several tunnels, into a wild and romantic valley, high in the Carpathian Mountains. The railway opens up a vast area of isolated forest and mountain, without roads or villages but with plenty bears and wolves instead!
The industrial use of timber in the Vaser Valley began at the beginning of the 18th century, during the Austro-Hungarian Empire. German-speaking settlers explored the forest, harvested the timber, and transported it in log rafts down the river to the saw mills of Viseu de Sus. In 1932 the forestry railway was built - an enormous technical advance compared with the rafting.

Regular Steam Trains

Since 2000, regular steam trains for tourists have been running in the Vaser Valley. The trains operate from spring to autumn. Details and schedules can be found in the current timetable.
Steam trains run as far as Paltin station, approximately two hours from Viseu de Sus. In Paltin there is a stop of 1-2 hours before the trains return to Viseu de Sus. For train passengers a catering service is available at Paltin. It is also possible to take a short walk into the Carpathian forest, to visit an observation platform from where visitors can get a view over the Vaser Valley.

Charter trains

Would you like to spend an extraordinary day with your friends and relatives? Are you looking for a special event for your business customer or do you want to reinforce the team cohesion in your company? The CFF Viseu de Sus offers you charter trains especially for your needs. The composition of your charter train can be altered to meet your special requirements, to ensure that your event will be a great success.

From a simple train ride with catering, to accommodation in Viseu de Sus, we offer everything to ensure you and your guests spend an unforgettable time in the Vaser Valley. For more information, visit our station in Viseu de Sus, or get directly incontact with us. We would be glad to assist you and can prepare a proposal exactly according to your wishes.

• Departure time and route as required
• Up to 80 seats per train
• Special rolling stock, adapted for your event
• Price depends of route. Additional charges according to train composition, total distance and time
• Budget alternative with a diesel railcar (instead of steam-hauled)
• Professional catering service on request (e.g. picnic, BBQ, drinks)
• Special trains may be ordered throughout the year (with heating in winter)
• Highlight! Special offer: train to the Novat forest lodge, with BBQ included

Please send your request in writing (e-mail, fax) not later than three days prior to your travel date.