Located in the vicinity of Henri Coanda airport, on the DN1 Bucharest-Ploiesti  national road, “Vatra Neamului” museum restaurant brings a new dimension of luxury and quality services to the restaurant business. The restaurant, classified as one of the top luxury restaurants in Romania, with its specific architectural style and elegance, gives the feeling that time stays still, resembling  a portrait from the monarchic period with rich tables and refined wines. 

We brought a mini-museum into each dining hall as we wanted to emphasize the greatness and the spiritual values of the Romanian People. 

“Vatra Neamului” museum restaurant offers a variety of culinary delights which you can enjoy in an intimate, elegant and historical atmosphere. 

If you have the curiosity to find out which were the culinary preferences of our Moldavian leaders, we are honoured to have you as our guests. Besides the Moldavian traditional food ( the famous cheese, potato or meat dumplings, the Moldavian pies prepared with fresh cheese and backed in the traditional oven or the traditional Moldavian chicken soup, prepared with sour cream), our chefs can satisfy any culinary need. 

It is very important for us to keep grandma’s recipes alive therefore we use all natural ingredients. Because we know that good food goes well with good wine, we offer a wide collection of selected wines.

We organize private parties (weddings, Christenings, anniversaries) upon request.