Tineretului Park has a surface of more than 80 ha and it is located at the end of Dimitrie Cantemir Boulevard, not far from the centre of the city. This green oasis has been mentioned in the systematization sketch for the city since 1935, but it was arranged only later, from 1965 to 1974.

The project was made by the architect Valentin Donose and it was designed in such manner that the result would become a vast green area for pleasant walks, recreation and relaxation. Also, there were built playgrounds for children and spaces for recreation. In addition to that, the architect came up with the idea of creating a lake with the size of 13 ha (fed from groundwater) and three islands, two of them being linked to the bank by arched bridges. The wharf represents an important spot for those who like boats.

The vegetation in the park consists in trees and shrubs (deciduous and resinous), decorative plants (annual and biennial) and perennials, arranged in many interesting shapes.

In the middle of the park was built a hall for cultural activities or sport competitions named ‘Ioan Kunst Ghermanescu’ or Sala Polivalenta. In the ‘80s was built ‘Oraselul Copiilor’(‘Children’s Town), the biggest and the most modern amusement park in Romania at that time. Moreover, it was built a railway of 1, 8 Km that surrounds the ‘town’, a train for walks and even a railway station with its own depot.

During the last years, there have been undertaken many projects in order to revive the park: the lake was cleaned, there were created new flower gardens and playgrounds, areas for outdoor activities and a mini ski slope. In 2010 was inaugurated the Skate Park (with a surface of 2800 meters), host of many contests and races. As its name suggests it (‘tineretului’ means ‘youth’ in Romanian) and due to the variety of facilities offered, Tineretului Park is the ideal place for children and youngsters, giving them the opportunity to relax, move freely and enjoy the fresh air, away from the noisy capital.