What could it be more beautiful than spending a few hours drinking a glass of slibovita with your close friends?

Taverna Sarbului is the perfect location for spending such moments and it welcomes you in one of the restaurants from Constanta, Bucharest, Sinaia, Brasov, Drobeta Turnu Severin and Timisoara.

The Taverna Sarbului Restaurant from Constanta was opened recently and it is located on Rubinului Street no. 13, next to the Ovidius University’s campus.

The restaurant is impregnated with a typically Serbian atmosphere from the past times: its architecture and wooden furniture, the trays with dishes prepared using original recipes, the flavored slibovita and the vibrant music. It is the perfect venue for organizing wedding and christening receptions, festive meals, anniversaries and even parties for children due to the fact that we have created a playground for them inside the restaurant.

The Taverna Sarbului Restaurant has a capacity of 208 seats upstairs, 140 seats downstairs and 230 seats on the terraces. In addition to that, the restaurant offers a parking for 250 cars.

We welcome you each weekend to attend unforgettable events (concerts, themed evenings, special guests). At each anniversary, the cake and the champagne are on the house. Also, due to the fact that the restaurant is close to the university’s campus, we welcome students with special menus.