The Taverna Sârbului Restaurant from Bucharest is part of the typically Serbian chain of restaurants spread in Sinaia, Bra?ov, Constan?a. Drobeta Turnu Severin (located near the Drobeata beach, on the national road DN6) and Timisoara, (located on 92 Aeroport Street).

The restaurant is located on Tipografilor Street no. 31, posterior to Casa Presei Libere (The House of the Free Press). It has a capacity of 540 seats indoor and 400 seats outdoor. In addition to that, the restaurant offers a parking area of 200 seats and a playground for children. Here you can organize all types of social events: wedding and christening receptions, festive meals, private parties for your children.

At Taverna Sârbului every dish is the ‘specialty of the house’. The food is tasty, always fresh and the meat is prepared on a coal heated grill. The dishes are traditional, prepared using old recipes, with secrets that only Serbian chefs master.

Every evening Valentin Albe?teanu will perform for you, accompanied at the piano by Valentin Cucu. Periodically we organize concerts with renowned artists. 

It will be an honor for us if you decide to celebrate your birthday at Taverna Sârbului, so we fondly offer you a birthday cake and champagne.


Natural, tasty and plentifully!

These are the qualities of Serbian cuisine,

Kept and ennobled at Taverna Sârbului!