The Saturn Resort is located near the city of Mangalia and at only 43 Km from Constanta. In the northern part, the resort borders the Venus Resort. Besides the many recreational opportunities, the resort is well-known for its mesothermal and sulphurous springs and the mud with therapeutic value. Saturn is a clean, fresh and vivid resort, with a great beach and one of the resorts with the cheapest fares. Tourists can chose one of the hotels rated with 1, 2, 3 or 4 stars. In addition to that, is available a camping area.

The beach lies between the beaches from Mangalia and Venus. The northern part (bordering Venus) has a length of approximately 2 Km and a width of about 100-150 meters. The southern part (bordering Mangalia) consists of numerous artificial gulfs and it is easily accessible, but the width of the beach is smaller than in the northern part. 

The Saturn Resort offers many restaurants, terraces, clubs, pubs and bars, swimming pools, sport fields (mini-golf, tennis), outdoor cinemas and an amusement park. Also, tourists can enjoy water sports and horse riding.