Pedestrian bridges Mamaia

Starting with 2014, Mamaia resort takes pride on its three pedestrian bridges. Initially designed to prevent traffic jams and to keep tourists safe, the pedestrian bridges became a touristic attraction due to their spectacular design.

The first pedestrian bridge to be inaugurated was the 'Iaht' (tr. n. 'Yacht') bridge. This bridge is built at the resort's entrance, in an extremely crowded area. Its name was chosen due to its resemblance to a ship's deck. The pedestrian portion of the bridge is coated with wood, in order to make it more similar to a ship's deck.

'Navod si pescarus' (tr.n. 'Trawl and sea gull') was built in the Casino area. The access from the Casino is made by means of a spiral shaped inclined ramp and the access from Lake Siutghiol is made by means of an inclined ramp, which starts in a curve, alongside the Mamaia Boulevard towards Năvodari. At its half, the ramp turns 180 degrees and goes on until it reaches sidewalk level.

'Val retro' (tr. n. 'Retro wave') was named like this due to its 19th century design. The bridge is made from wrought iron and it resembles a wave's crest. Access is made by means of stairs, which are parallel with the Mamaia Boulevard. The stairs in front of the Rex Hotel descends towards Navodari and the stairs near Lake Siutghiol descend towards Constanta.

The pedestrian bridges were built using European funds, through a project accessed by the City Hall of Constanta. The bridges were a part of the modernization plan of the resort issued in 2008.