Outside the Walls of the Fortress Brasov

The first Public Library in Brasov, functioning on regular bases was founded in 1835, as part of the Romanian Casina. The book collection was partially transferred into the patrimony of ASTRA Library. This Transylvanian Cultural Association, founded in 1861, has the initiative of opening in 1930 the „Dr. Alexandru Bogdan“ Public Library, hosted by an old and beautiful house, built in 1888 and called The Baiulescu House. The central premises of the County Library, situated on 35 Eroilor Boulevard, since 1969, is in a building from 1926-1928, placed in a splendid scenery, in the historical centre of Brasov and near the road to Poiana-Brasov. Since 1992 the County Library from Brasov is named George Baritiu.

Taking a walk behind The Graft Bastionone can reach The Graft Brook, right where is the place called "Dupa Ziduri". The walls of Brasov's fortress have been preserved very well here and you can still see them.

Located in the middle of the north-west wing of the Brasov Fortress, the Graft Bastion was erected in 1521. A rectangular structure, the bastion has four levels, accessible through interior staircases. Levels two, three and four host medieval objects displays, while level one serves as rest area for visitors. Newly restored.

The White Tower - BrasovThe White Tower is located 60 m far from the citadel's walls, near the Graft bastion. It is high up on the hill and you'll have to climb some 200 steps up to it. The construction was erected between 1460-1494. It has a semicircular shape and it is 14m high. A wooden staircase spirals up four levels. If you reach the top floor, you won't be deceived by the view over the old town.

The Black Tower BrasovThe tower was built in 1494 on a rock on Starja Hill, near the Blacksmiths' bastion. It has a square shape and it is 9 m high. In 1599 the tower was destroyed by lightning. So, it's got it's name from its walls being blackened by the fire caused by the lightning. Today, it is no longer black. Recently renovated to it's former glory, with its pyramid shaped roof, the Black Tower houses a museum. There are four floors inside, each reached by a narrow wooden ladder. Each floor has a small display of war related artifacts.