The centre was founded in 1999. Each year we have evolved, we developed our treatments; we selected the best from anything new on the market in what esthetic medicine is concerned.

We employ qualified staff (doctors, nurses, physiotherapy nurses, aestheticians) who is in charge with all treatments and use of products in secure conditions. A clinical evaluation and a medical check-up are done before any treatment session by a specialized doctor in order to establish a correct diagnosis. Together with the treatments, our clients will benefit form a medical assisted food hygiene and nutrition program. 

Weight loss – Body Shaping: you can lose weight form any part of your body: double chin, face, abdomen, hips, thighs, cannons, arms and others. The treatments are noninvasive, secure, relaxing, and the most important thing is that they do not leave the skin limp as it happens with diets.

Mezotherapy: in what esthetics is concerned, this is a procedure which is based on infiltrating lipolytic action, local blood flow stimulation substances.  It is used for localized adiposity, cellulite, bio stimulation, face lifting (erasing face wrinkles).

Endermology: Cellu M6 is the newest anti-cellulite treatment with incontestable results in a relatively short period of time.

Electrolysis: it represents the process of using a small current of electricity to remove hair permanently.

Vascular Laser: this treatment is mostly used for superficial broken blood vessels. The procedure induces a very small amount of pain and the non esthetic aspect disappears in no more than 3 sessions (Mediostar vascular laser - Germany).

Peeling: special AHA treatments (alfa fruit acids), BHA (glycolic, mandelic, retinoic, salicylic, jessner) or chemical solutions (TCA) for wrinkles, scars, pigment spots of different etymologies, face rejuvenation; professional cosmetics and dermatology treatments (dry skin, spots, wrinkled skin, greasy, acne skin).