The Nechit monastery can be reached from Bacau to Piatra Neamt on DN 15 untill km 46 in the center of Roznov. From here, bypassing the roundabout left on DJ156E, takes up 14 km on a paved road to Nechit. Pilgrims who visit the monastery and are wish to await on this wonderful places and full of history, have at their disposal 50 places to stay.

In a natural setting of a special picturesque, on the Nechit creek valley is the monastery with the same name. The old monastic settlement exists there from XIV century. The statement is considering a document from 1399 which mentions the existence of Nechit Hermitage with dedication day St. Nicholas, near it being “a village, a mill and a pasture” as well as a charter of Alexander the Good, from the year 1419, which is speaking about Nechit Hermitage from The Field of Dragos. However, legend says that, after having raised Tazlău Monastery, Stephen the Great would have taken monks from hermitage to monastery community. The Church with dedication day Transfiguration is dating from the eighteenth century. Back then, around the church were a few wooden huts. In recent years have been made restoration works, so that between the years 1976-1979 the church was rebuilt entirely, then, in the year 1990, the original building was enlarged and between the yaers 1998 – 2001 was completed the construction of the new bell tower which houses a chapel dedicated to Saints Constantine and Helena. All these works give the monastery, which is a historical monument, more splendor, majesty and strength.