Mamaia Seafront

Mamaia Seafront divides in 2 main very beautifully designed areas- Perla and Casino, a 20-minute walk one from the other. 

In the Perla area, there are very beautiful gardens and artesian fountains with benches. This is where the Summer Theatre is located and where you can find a lot of shops with different merchandises (food, clothes, pharmacies, press, souvenirs, shoes, etc). Also, the area is surrounded by restaurants and terraces. 

In the Casino area, situated in the center of the resort there is a spectacular artesian fountain among whose water jets tourists can walk. In the evenings, the fountain is very beautifully lit. Palm trees and benches surround it. This is where every summer the City Hall organizes open-air shows with dancers, actors and singers. In this area there are all types of restaurants, from the traditional ones to the Chinese ones or pizza restaurants and several shops and bike rentals. On the Mamaia seafront there are the main promenade areas of the resort, and the car traffic is forbidden in this area.