Lighthouses of Constanta

The City of Constanța can pride itself with 4 lighthouses: the White Lighthouse, the Carol I Lighthouse, the Landing Lighthouse and the Genovese Lighthouse.
The White Lighthouse was put in use in 1972 and it is located on the north-eastern pier, in the port of Constanța. The lighthouse is equipped with a lamp, a gallery and a foghorn. Its height is of 18 meters and it is built from blocks of concrete. Its light can be seen on a radius of 10 marine miles.
The Carol I Lighthouse was built in 1903 and it is located on the end of the great pier, in the east side of the Constanta port. The lighthouse is decorated with a bas-relief depicting the figure of Carol I. The bas-relief was destroyed by the communists and it was remade in 2002 by the artist Traian Marinescu. The lighthouse has a height of 13 meters and it is built from stone, in an octagonal shape. Since 1961, the lighthouse is inactive, but it can be visited, both in its interior and exterior. The lighthouse offers an impressive view above Constanța.
The Genovese Lighthouse was built in 1860 and its name was chosen due to the fact that, during the 14th century, on the exact spot there was a lighthouse, built by the Genovese, who conducted business inside the port. The lighthouse was designed by Artin Aslan and it was built by the Danube and Black Sea firm.
The lighthouse’s height is of 12-14 meters and the light it emits can be seen as far as 9, 5 marine miles. Since 1913, the lighthouse is no longer in service and it is no longer placed on its original spot. Its last restoration was made in 1948.
The Landing Lighthouse was built in 1958 and it was inaugurate in 1960. Its total height is approximately 60 meters and its light has an impressive radius of 24 marine miles. The lighthouse tower has a pyramid shape and it is made from white concrete. On top of it, the tower has a blue dome, shaped like an upside down pyramid. The lighthouse is equipped with a radio beacon, which emits an audio signal in Morse code, used by ships to navigate.