Jubile The Ballroom Decebal, located on Mihai Bravu Road, no. 223, is an events centre inaugurated in June 2012.

The venue has two halls, which are distinguished by the uniqueness of their decorations. Artists, scene painters and designers have managed to create a special concept. Most of the decorative objects are handmade by them. The lighting system of the halls was designed in such manner to create a warm, refined, but also modern atmosphere. The colour scheme used in the salon is highlighted by the straight shapes and colour accents.

Jubile The Ballroom Decebal welcomes you with personalised offers according to your needs, with a team trained to assist you in order for you to enjoy each moment and to be certain that all your guests will feel comfortable and will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the entire event.

The details make the difference and transform this venue in a dream venue, where you can enjoy remarkable services.