Jubile The Ballroom Events Center, located on Pipera Road no. 48-50, offers you the perfect solution for any type of event you wish to organize. No matter if it is a private event (wedding or christening reception, birthday party) or a corporate event (conference, company party, fashion show), we can provide a wide range of services. Our team, consisting of experienced and passionate professionals, will transform your event into a joyful celebration. You will be invited to your own party, in a warm ambient, full of grace and elegance.

Jubile The Ballroom offers two halls, L’Amour and Le Reve, dream venues, with their own staff. Red and green are the two colors that mark the two halls: red, the color of love, gives an elegant touch for the L’Amour Hall and green, a vivid and optimistic color, makes dreams come true in the La Reve Hall.

Both halls have their own kitchen, staff and restrooms. There are no extra fees and the hostess services and the brocade arrangements are included in the price.