Izvor Park is a relatively young park which releases freshness everywhere: newly planted trees, lawn areas, alleys and ingenious built playgrounds (including special playgrounds for children with disabilities), which become more and more popular among little ones who come here with their parents. For a short period of time, the park has hosted various outdoor activities and concerts. The year of 2010 was the year of modernization and beautification for Izvor Park. Also, the same year, took place the inauguration of a playground with a surface of 2.400 square meters called ‘The Children’s Mini-Parliament’.

In Izvor Park you will find mini basketball courts and mini football fields, ping-pong tables and alleys for rollers and cyclists. 75 bicycles can be rented daily between 10 am and 10 pm, for free. All you need is your ID (identity card, driver’s license or passport) and you can ride a bicycle for 2 hours. The lawns invite you to have a picnic with your friends or play a game of cards or badminton.

Izvor Park is delimited by Na?iunile Unite Boulevard, Libert??ii Boulevard, B.P. Ha?deu Street and Splaiul Independen?ei Street, forming a green rectangle of 17 hectares.