ION VOICU Park Bucharest

The Ioanid Park or, as it is called in the present, the Ion Voicu Park is a coquettish and well preserved park. Between the years 1830 and 1869, the park was one of the early summer gardens in Bucharest and it was called the Breslea Garden. Often, the garden became a promenade and party area for the higher class of Bucharest.

The first owner of the area, the liberal George Ioanid, bought the swampy field for 2100 galbeni (gold coins) from Pana Babeanul. Afterwards, he decided to create a green area by planting over 25 species of fruit trees, vegetables and other herbs, transforming the field into a beautiful and exotic orchard. 

Since the beginning of the year 2003, the statue of one of the greatest Romanian violinists – Ion Voicu (the student of the genius George Enescu) and the one after whom is named the park, keeps watch on one of the alleys in the park. Another must see is the pavilion placed besides a little lake, which is surrounded by small groups of rocks. Also, there is a little waterfall and a bridge that crosses the lake.A walk through this green corner is a reminiscence of the past Little Paris and its ‘Belle Epoque’.