Welcome to Hanu’ Berarilor! (Brewers’ Inn

With an eventful history, it was re-opened on 8.10.2009 under a new brand, „Hanu’ Berarilor” (Brewers’ Inn) – a restaurant with an 800-seat capacity (300 indoors seat and 500 seats on the terrace), with a menu with both Romanian products and those specific to well-known European breweries like Augustiner, Hofbrauhaus and Caru’ cu Bere.

The interwar Brewers’ Inn becomes the 14th member of the City Grill Group and benefits from an over 10 year - Horeca management experience, thus joining the 8 City Grill / City Café restaurants and cafes, 2 Trattoria Buongiorno restaurants, Caru’ cu Bere, Bundetot, Sport Bar & Café Canteen.

The merry Inn with delicious food. It’s a place which you can rarely find in nowadays Bucharest, a place where sitting at the table is a habit, not a need, where you can taste the best food together with this merry liquor everyone calls beer. 

If you want to have a party or have fun, coming to the Inn is a must. It’s the big place where 800 guests fit, the food is on everybody’s taste and the cellar is always full. We have all one could possibly want, only that we should be notified in advance of your Majesty’s needs. 

We know that beer is better when there are several drafts together and that’s why at the Brewers’ Inn beer is served in drafts but also “at the meter”, for those who want to keep the measure properly at the end of the night. 

There would be so many things that we could tell you but we do not want to hold you, come and look for what you want, and if you cannot find it, let us know so that we mend the shortcoming.