Specially designed for the one-of-a-kind citizens of Bucharest, GREENFIELD ensures the perfect balance between the wish to live a healthier life and to be part of a dynamic, urban life, typical of a European capital. Residents of GREENFIELD exercise more, breathe fresher air and wake up in the morning to the sound of rustling leaves and singing birds.

The first phase of the GREENFIELD project was developed during 2006-2013, covers an area of 10 ha and includes 34 villas and 680 apartments in two and three story blocks, of which ninety-five percent are sold. Over 1,500 “one-of-a-kind” citizens of Bucharest already live in the 5 districts: Ruby, Topaz, Blue, Onyx and Quartz.

The second phase of the project started in June 2014 with the first 9 buildings of the sixth development, the Salcamilor Quarter. By the end of 2015, another 1,000 citizens of Bucharest will come to live here, ready to join the community in the heart of the woods.

Over the next 18 months, a new COMMUNITY CENTRE of 9,600 sqm is planned to be developed, in order for residents to have access to comprehensive public services. This center will include a kindergarten, supermarket, mobile phone store, related urban services etc. A large sports hall, next to a modern SPA center will also be housed in this complex, providing to the GREENFIELD community the services any family needs.

Facilities in GREENFIELD: Avenor College campus, ATM, minimarket, playgrounds, basketball court, pharmacy, terrace. Access to the complex is secured.