We are rushing all day long, trying to take advantage of each second of the day, which seems shorter and shorter. Because of this speedy rhythm, we end up without eating basically, and when we actually get to eat something, we eat fast food products which are not really trustworthy. 

For us, active people, Come Back was opened, a new concept in Romania. The idea was borrowed from Germany and it is based on freshness. At Come Back, you can find “to go” bio integral products. The products are made of fresh good-quality ingredients, being baked in front of the client, which confers reliability (transparency is a good thing in food industry). At Come Back, you can find over 50 products, both sweet and spicy. 

We recommend drei spitz mozzarella Sandwich, made of a special integral bread roll, which contains seeds, with mozzarella and tomatoes, of course. As a “dessert”, you can add a delicious butter croissant, fresh and smooth, which the butter gives a special flavor. And in order for the meal to be complete, you must have a Belissima coffee, with milk mousse and some cinnamon.  You don’t have time to enjoy everything on the spot, at the table? Take it away! 

Come Back is a place where you will definitely return, once you try a product.