Geopark Plateau is located north of Drobeta Turnu Severin and covers an area of 106,000 ha.

Temperate continental climate with sub-mediterranean influences and varied topography have created conditions for many species of rare plants and animals. The unique geological structure of the area has led to numerous geological and speleological formations. Most of these values are protected in 17 nature reserves.

Besides these natural values, in this space we see many cultural and historical landmarks and the traditions and crafts (weaving, pottery etc.) are still present. Noteworthy are the sinkholes in the western part of towns Balta and Marga, Ponoare natural Bridge, etc.

Underground water dug many caves, famous for their size and ornamentation, such as the caves: Topolniţa, Epuran, Bulba, Isverna. Much of the limestone from the Geopark Plateau are deforested or covered with hawthorn, corn, and lilac, mixed with beech trees. In many places, wild lilac forms creates real forests, famous are those on the cornets Isverna, Nadanova or Ponoarele. Here, every year, in early May, when the lilac blooms, the Lilac Holiday is held.