As a genuine Lebanese, Alain imagined a restaurant which represents Lebanon as he knows it: an oriental, modern and sophisticated one. In order to symbolize Lebanon’s personality, Alain used his designer talent and created a contemporary Beirut- style atmosphere. 

In the kitchen he selected the best team of cooks who attentively prepare, under his careful supervision, Lebanese classical recipes but also his own original ones. 

Four Seasons Restaurant has two salons and a covered terrace. The first salon, our dear salon as it was first opened, is the heart of the restaurant. Here food is served the fastest; the atmosphere is mere, with a little more excitement and a little bit more crowded. The second salon, which is appreciated for its elegance, is most often used for anniversaries, parties and special meals. The terrace, the green oasis of Bucharest, welcomes clients in the summertime with cool air, oxygen and culinary therapy. 

The restaurant brags about the visit of several celebrities from different domains, who appreciated the quality of its specialties and also its warm atmosphere and elegance. 

At present, Four Seasons Restaurant enjoys a well-known reputation on the Bucharest restaurant market, always wanting to offer its clients high quality services.