The First Romanian Scool is located in the same place where, at first, there was only a church mentioned in chronicles in 1292. A Homiliary (text book of religious sermons) of the 11-12th century confirms the existence of an educational place. The papal bull of December 25, 1399 confirms the existence of a place of Orthodox education and worship in Schei. In 1495 "The Holy Church and the School" were built thanks to voivode ( a kind of Romanian ruler) Vlad Calugarul.

This is the place where most of the first printed books in Romanian language were printed by Deacon Coresi during 1588-1665. This is the reason why a statue representing Coresi was erected in courtyard.

The building comprises "The Coresi room" where are held printings telling the story of the beginning of the typography in Brasov and " The Anton Pann classroom". The museum hosts a compelling legacy: more than four thousands of rare books (many of them printed or copied by handwriting right here), 100 thousands rare documents, the oldest bible (printed on goats skin), the oldest letter written in Romanian language using the Latin alphabet (previously, Romanian was written with Cyrillic letters) and much more.