The fortified evangelical church from Cristian, Bra?ov County, Transylvania, dates from the 13th century and it was built in a Romanesque style, in the shape of a basilica with three naves, with Gothic sculptural elements. The church was declared a historic monument.
As a consequence of the numerous damages suffered, the church was remade in a neoclassic style in the 19th century.

Currently there can still be noticed different architectural elements belonging to various styles: a rosette, three quoins decorated with the bust of Jesus, an Agnus Dei and a cherry flower, the western portal and the gravestone of the priestess Anna May (1631).

The organ dates from 1910 and it has two keyboards, with 23 ranges, based on a pneumatic system. The design of the organ was taken from the old organ, made in 1842.

The candelabrum, with 50 lamps, was made from beaten iron, in memory of the ones fallen or disappeared during the First World War.

The church from Cristian was fortified in the 15th century. All around it, was erected an oval premises, with eight towers and a bastion on the gate, which was transformed, after several hundred years, into a rectory. In order to strengthen and to increase the protection, the premises was doubled by a smaller wall and by a water ditch, which is no longer visible.

Currently, the entire ensemble is placed under e good conservation status.