The Evangelical Fortified Church Cisnadie was built at the beginning of the XIII-th century, initially being a romanesque basilica by the name of St. Walpurga. The first time it was mentioned in official documents was in the year 1349, the curch hosted the famous “Cisnadie Thesaurus” that was later moved to the Brukental Museum in Sibiu.

The church was the first edifice in Transylvania on which a lightning rod was installed, following numerous lightnings that hit the towers of the church.

There are only a few towers left from the old citadel: the Guards Tower, the City Hall Tower, the Sickle Makers Tower, the School Tower, the Grease Tower and the tower located in the parochial garden.
Inside the Evangelical Fortified Church Cisnadie a bell from the year 1664, a bronze gothic font and the baroque gates of the old shrine are being preserved. The polyptych shrine was painted by Vincentius Cibiniensis in the XVI-th century. He also painted the polyptych shrine of the evangelical church form the Balta Citadel (currently being reformed) and a fresco being held by the reformed church of Ocna Sibiului.