The Evangelical Fortified Church from Sanpetru is a Romanesque church and it is presumed that it dates from the 13th century. The traces of a painting, found on one of the walls, have determined the specialists to presume that, in this place, the Cistercian monks have built a monastery around the year of 1240. The archeological excavations made, in this area, prove that the territory was inhabited even from the Neolithic period of time. After the year of 1211, the establishment was colonized by the Saxons.

Initially, the church was built in the shape of a three nave basilica, which in 1794 was entirely demolished, due to the several arsons suffered. In 1795 was started the reconstruction of the present church, on the same emplacement, with a bell tower on the east side.

The fortified church has suffered serious destructions during the Turkish invasion in Tara Barsei, from 1432. The invasion led to the destruction of Sanpetru. During the same century, the peasants from Sanpetru have erected the 8 meters high walls, around the church and have strengthened the premises with 5 defense towers and a water ditch.

The Evangelical Fortified Church from Sanpetru has a great importance among the Saxon community and the entire community of Sanpetru, due to the fact that it is a touristic attraction for all those who visit the area. Today, the church has only 145 parishioners and it is led by the priest Klein Peter, who was ordained in 2006.