Among the protected areas from Ceahlau Mountain there ais one nature monument: Duruitoarea Waterfall. Duruitoarea Waterfall is one of the most visited places from the National Park Ceahlau. The access to the waterfall is made on the route marked with a red cross with a length of 7.5 km.

Duruitoarea Waterfall is located at 1270 m altitude and presents an impressive waterfall of about 30 m. The waterfall was formed on Rupturi Creek and it’s one of the most beautiful and laud from the country. The laud noise of the waterfall is most prominent on rainy days when Rupturi Creek has a high debit of water.

Because of the rare species of plants, animals and flowers that can be found in Ceahlau National Park this is one of the most beautiful areas from Romania and we invite you to visit this mountain and enjoy the beautiful sceneries that offers.