The history of mankind was made from the horse’s saddle, and the horse has conquered more and more territories. I invite you to be delighted by the delicacy of these animals and admire them in a landscape where they are free and no longer bound to a cart.

Diana Horsemanship Centre is open al year long and makes the following services available to you: carriage rental for weddings; participating in various festivals and rural fairs, counseling in horse buying and selling; group trips on horseback – riding in different types of fields in Rasnoavei Gorges towards Trei Brazi – Predeal (3 hours two way trip) with guide. You can take carriage, wagon and sledge rides in the beautiful Rasnov area. We organize beginners courses. The horses are gentle they react very well at commands and they can be also mounted by children. The center has a wide range of breeds of horses: lipitan, Frisians, andaluzi, Arabs and Anglo Arabs, horses for sports and horses for work and ponies. We also offer horse guesthouses for the owners who do not have stables. The horses are well taken care of, they are given fed attendance, training and treatments.

New! At Diana Horsemanship Centre you can admire Santa’s reindeers this holiday season! You can organize photo- shoots here, film commercials, or even take a reindeer sleigh ride!