Daniil Sihastrul Hermitage is located 2 km from Sihla Hermitage and it’s the place where people say the famous monk Daniil Sihastru stayed for a while. Also, in this place lived and prayed few nuns. The hermitage was built in their memory.

The patrons of the hermitage: “Sf Prooroc Ilie Tezviteanul” (July 20 – The Prophet Ilie Tezviteanul), “Acoperamantul Maicii Domnului” (October 1) and St Daniil Sihastrul (December 18)

Access ways:
Piatra Neamt – Agapia Monastery – Sihla Hermitage – Daniil Sihastul Hermitage (44 + 10 km)
Targu Neamt – Secu Monastery – Sihastria Monastery – Daniil Sihastrul Hermitage (23 + 7km)

Daniil Sihastrul Hermitage is located 2 km from Sihla Hermitage, in a place with many rock formations and small caves, near “Rapa lui Coroi” (Coroi’s Gap). You can reach the hermitage by walking through the forest from Sihastria Monastery or by car, on the dirt road from Sihastria to Sihla and then on foot from the sign that points to Daniil Sihastrul Hermitage.

Following an old tradition they say that close to the place known as “Rapa lui Coroi” lived for a while the monk Daniil Sihastrul, the trusted adviser of ruler Stefan cel Mare, before he went near Putna Monastery. The entire area is full with markings made by monks over time: small caves carved in rock, dirt huts and inscriptions on rocks.

In the first half of the XX century in these parts lived the nun Isodora, known among monks because of her 30 years of religious life. They say that every night, at midnight, she used to ring the bell, calling all the monks to prayer.

The first hut from this place was built by monks from Sihastria Monastery (between 1936 and 1937) that came here to be isolated from life for a few months. In 1944, here, on the place that today is the hermitage lived two nuns, mother and daughter: Valentina Neacsu and Emiliana.

The monk Sofronie Sarampoi, between 1980 and 1981 establishes a monastic life here, together with few nuns. They manage to build a small house and a chapel. He wanted to build here a hermitage in memory of the nuns that lived and prayed in these parts. Unfortunately he becomes very ill and he’s forced to retire to Neamt Monastery.

After 1990 the monks build here a wooden church. Little by little, Daniil Sihastru Hermitage is taking shape under the guidance of father Daniil Caia. Through his effort the new religious settlement was ready to receive its first religious service on August 4, 1996. The service was held by Mitropolit Daniel with priests from Sihastria Monastery.

The hermitage is located in a remote place that can be reached only by foot. So, the construction was possible because of the dedication of people that carried the construction materials on their backs. This is the way in which they managed to raise the church, two buildings for cellars, the bell tower and the holly water chamber.

Every traveler that goes to Daniil Sihastrul Hermitage will be welcomed here by monks that will invite him to eat and rest for a while. The accommodation possibilities are limited, so, if you want to spend the night, it’s best to call first.