It is important for your health to stay close to nature.

The ‘Coco?u’ Ro?u’ (Red Rooster) Farm aims to bring you close to the nature and the traditional atmosphere from the Romanian village. In addition to that, the ‘Coco?u’ Ro?u’ farm is the host of the inter-county educational project entitled ‘Micul Fermier’ (‘The Little Farmer’).

The ‘Micul Fermier’ project’s goal is to trigger a healthy eating style, based on traditional Romanian dishes, prepared only with local natural ingredients. The project addresses preschool, primary and secondary students.

Beginning with the crowing of roosters, the milking of cows, the watering of sheep, the feeding of piglets, the making of sweet cheese, you will closely learn about the way in which a household is organized.

The bread baked from the wheat we seeded, the lamb or calf pastrami, the sheep or pig sausages, the hen soup, the sarmalute (forcemeat rolls in cabbage leaves), the cozonac (sponge cake), the pies and many other goodies, all prepared in our household, wait for you.

Other activities that can take place within the project: visiting the greenhouse, assisting at the spinning of wool, games, contests, demonstrations of canine training.

The day can end with a carriage ride, poney rides for children, a visit at the sheepfold, where you can taste a traditional shepherd’s bulz or with a traditional Romanian evening. 

Cocosu' Rosu Farm - closer to the nature!