As you descend the stairs, a bit nervous, you will be embraced by the warmth emanated by the wallpaper and by the light spread by the floor lamp.
You begin to relax and walk, curious to discover a paradise of sensations which will conquer you step by step in a warm atmosphereshrouded in lush impressions, vaporous curtains, luring sofas, which invite you to take a seat and the dim light of the floor lamps, which makes you feel like home, but you resist the temptation and you carry on with story, amazed by the following chapter, which will lead you into a glamour world.

The golden columns and statues amaze you, the chandeliers draw you like precious stones, the sofas lure you into a glamour décor, sophisticated and stepping further, waiting to be amazed again, you reach into the VIP booth, where, with a smile on your face, you take a seat and enjoy each moment.

XS Club is the first club from Bucharest which combines two different styles and creates an unforgettable story. The ventilation and air conditioning systems are remarkable, the sound system is worth taking into account, the ambiance, the location and the capacity of 250-300 people recommend it for corporate parties.

If you wish to organise a corporate party, a bachelor's or bachelorette's party, a Christmas party or simply an unforgettable birthday party, the XS Club is the ideal place. Here you will find everything you need: warmth and good humour, excellent sound, DJ, all types of music, except manele, a sensational ambience,the only club in Bucharest where two totally different design styles are combined in a memorable picture, security and protection is provided by BGS, a 350 m dream venue, capacity club rising to 250-300 people, amazing, cheerful and friendly staff, prices and offers affordable for everyone, delicious cocktails and the possibility to obtain exclusivity in the best possible conditions.

You are welcome to live an unforgettable tale from Thursday to Saturday (included), starting at 22:00 until morning, at no. 24 on Magheru Boulevard (near McDonalds Romana Square). Admission and booking are free, at 0731860022, and the prices and offerings will delight you the most.