The Circul de Stat Park (The State Circus Park) was created in 1960, where it used to exist the ‘Tonola’ trash pit, on an almost entirely artificial landscape, with the purpose of enhancing the exterior aspect of the building of the State Circus.

The park has a total surface of 26 hectares and it was designed by the architect Valentin Donose. In the centre of the park is located ‘the Natural Springs Lake’. On its shore there are Egyptian water lilies, a real must see on their blooming period. Between the building of the State Circus and the shimmering surface of the water, there have been created long lawns, which descend in a smooth downhill and open themselves to eyesight to the limits of the park.

During the last years, there has been created an irrigating system used for maintain the park’s flora and there have been planted 20, 000 trees and shrubs, the alley have been modernised, the illuminating system has been remade and there have been brought a variety of birds. Another attraction point is the sculptures made by the artist C. Teodorescu, in the trunks of old dried trees.

The Circus Park is a real green oasis of silence and peace in the middle of the urban agglomeration, a clean and airy park, perfect for a walk or a moment of relaxation.