Discover a restaurant thought and conceived with passion, talent and pleasure!
“Innovative ideas give birth to eternal things” seems to be the slogan Nelu Pauca had in mind the moment he decided the name and the location of his restaurant. He added his passion for painting, adventure taste of a cruise ship “traveler”, the excitement of sharing with others his culinary and life experiences. 
…this is how it all began…
And because it had to bear a name…it was called CHEVALET
CHEVALET defines itself through what it offers you: CULINARY ART!
Inspiration! Good taste! Refinement! These are the elements that describe and decorate the ambiance of Chevalet Restaurant. 
During summer, the sun salutes with its rays the private and discreet space of the terrace. 
For over 5 years, Chevalet has been a name that people pronounce more and more often, thus gaining a well-deserved reputation. From the beginning, it was all about one definition: 
Culinary art in an ambient art with a remarkable result.