If there was such a thing as a Barbeque National Championship, it would definitely be held at Ceasu' Rau Restaurant each time.  The kitchen is also at its best so that it will never disappoint you.

The barbecue welcomes you at the entrance of the terrace on 56 Iuliu Maniu Street. The cook book with Romanian recipes seems as if it was taken from grandma's kitchen, who is always good and understanding and she welcomes you with the dinner ready. All you have to do is choose....and the choice is wide: smoked pork chops with beens, maybe you would prefer  chicken breast with wiped cream sauce and mushrooms or mutton pastrami with polenta or why not, beef tenderloin with mushrooms and ribs.

Though, you should be take the following warning very seriously: at Ceasu' Rau Restaurant, with the menu in front of you, you can have a big dilemma, which deserves your whole attention. The dilemma is going to be: what to choose...as everything in the menu is so delicious.

The warm saloons and the seasonless terrace, are places where, in Brasov, you will always feel among friends. Only the mugs with fresh wine and the jars of pickles let you know, once a year, that Autumn is back ...again!

Ceasu' Rau is here for you to feel as if you were back in mother's home! 

Music by www.bensound.com