The Cazino is one of the first buildings made in Constanta, shortly after this city was managed by the Romanian administration and was no longer called Kustenge. The history of the Cazino goes back in 1880. At that time, it was called Cazin or Kursaal and it was nothing but a faience building lined with planks in the exterior and built near the Genovese lighthouse, at the end of Elisabeth Boulevard, the only boulevard of the city. 

The architect hired to design the new building made in 1907-1910 was Daniel Renard, a Romanian architect of French origin, who designed the new Constanta Cazino is Art Nouveau style, thus becoming the promoter of this trend in Romania. 

At the beginning of 20th century, the Cazino was a very special place, where only rich and adventure people had access, where the evening outfit was mandatory and where luxury was a common attitude. During World War I, it was transformed in hospital, and in the interwar period the Cazino replayed its initial role, going back to the exciting stories which took place in a luxurious place, around game table. 

Today the Cazino continues to be a pompous place on the border of the sea, waiting for the glamour it once had.