Because any event deserves special attention, Casa Mara Restaurant is prepared at any time to host a variety of events for small or medium events: private events (wedding or Christening receptions, anniversaries and so on), corporate events (conferences, company parties, fashion shows and so on) or any other type of event (proms).

Casa Mara Restaurant has three ballrooms with separate entrances:

Casa Mara Ballroom– The Venue of Your Wedding Reception – with a capacity of 80 – 130 guests.

The King Ballroom – For a wedding reception beyond the classic pattern – with a capacity of 100 – 180 guests.

The Gate Ballroom (with terrace) – The outdoor wedding reception – with a capacity of 100 – 300 guests. The concept of an outdoor wedding reception continues to be one of the most spectacular wedding concepts due to the white draperies and the freshness of the nature.

Casa Mara Ballroom and The Gate Ballroom have a wonderful playing area for children, equipped with elastic trampoline, slide and a little house. The restaurant is located in the Her?str?u area (near the Village Museum) and it has a spacious parking area.

All venues have their own kitchen, staff, well stored bars, sound and light systems, dance floor and stage, professional air conditioning systems and toilets.

The terrace has a water cooling system. The restaurant has a wide variety of patterns and colours from which to choose for the table and chair cloths (made from brocade, cream crepe satin, purple, burgundy, turquoise or golden taffeta, ivory brocade with coloured scarves of organza, satin, taffeta, brocade or other fabric). Curtain lights, wrought iron heart dressed in tulle and decorated with natural flowers, wrought iron arch covered in tulle or veil and decorated with natural flowers, gift chest or gift house, decorated pillars, red carpet.

The team from Casa Mara will always be at your service so that your event becomes memorable, elegant and affordable. Allow us to help you turn this event into something special.

Please visit or call the restaurant on 0722 67 57 66 | 0768 793 155 so we can plan your future events.

Everything for your event to be perfect!