The Art Museum from Brasov functions in a building located on Eroilor Boulevard no 21 ( next to Capitol Hotel). Built in 1902, for the Artisan's Association of Bra?ov (Kronstadt Gewerbeverein), the building was rearranged and adapted for its current purpose between 1969 and 1970. In the halls located at the ground floor are being held temporary exhibitions and a wide range of cultural events (concerts, book launches, round tables, conferences etc.).

The museum's patrimony contains more than 4300 cultural goods (easel paintings, graphics, sculpture, decorative art, icons, tapestry, Oriental and Transylvanian carpets etc.). The collection of paintings, graphics and sculpture is representative for the modern and contemporary Romanian art and for the Transylvanian art of the 17th - 20th. The permanent exhibition of the Art Museum from Brasov, called the National Gallery, gathers a selection of representative pieces of modern Romanian plastic art (paintings and sculpture). The collection includes pieces which illustrate the evolution of the Transylvanian painting between the 18th and 19th centuries and the evolution of the Romanian art between the first half of the 19th century and the post-war period. Next to the pieces created by the masters of the Romanian art are also included the creations of the active artists from Bra?ov.

The temporary exhibitions organized in the past years have highlighted significant moments and personalities from the evolution of the Romanian and Transylvanian art (The Artistic Vanguard, Misu Popp, Petre Abrudan, Hans Eder, Forgotten Artists of Brasov, Constantin Brâncusi, Hans Mattis-Teutsch, Arthur Coulin, Elena Popea, Brasov and Tara Bârsei in the Romanian Art, Karl Hubner).

The Art Museum from Brasov has organised in the past years ample exhibitions with the purpose of highlighting the museum's patrimony: The Graphics Collection, Masters of the Romanian paintings, The Art in the Communism. The official art of the communist regime (1945 – 1989), The German art from Transylvania. During the years, the museum has dedicated a generous amount of space to the contemporary artists, well-known or debutants. Neither have lacked the exhibitions dedicated to universal modern art and the great photographers of the 10th (Salvador Dali, Juan Miro, Pop Art, Brassai, Robert Capa etc.).

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