Bringing the Danube Delta on the shores of the Black Sea

The fresh fish from the wonderful Danube's Delta, from the foamy Black Sea or from the natural reserve Laguna Albastră, near Babadag, jumps into a pan, inside a traditional Romanian kitchen, to feel your taste and your soul with savour.

Gobies and anchovies are prepared following local recipes. Turbot, shark, bluefish or beluga, cooked in brine, on grills, in ovens or in fishermen's-Lipovanian borschts. The feast is completed by a selection of cold wines, chosen from renowned vineyards.

At Beluga Restaurant we welcome you, our guest, to delight yourself with traditional dishes, in a pleasant atmosphere, with by the book service, so that we, your hosts, can rejoice on your happiness!
Imagine a summer's evening on a terrace by the seashore, under the moonlight, with plates full of fish delights, just brought from the fishermen's trawls, with good wines and unexpected gastronomical pleasures.
Imagine a table full of the most delicious fish dishes, made only by the skilled cooks.

Beluga Restaurant organises all year round festive meals for any type of event. The capacity of the salon is of 150 people.

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Beluga Resturant –imagination turned to reality!