There will be always places that you will ardently wish to revisit, places which inspire you and charm you, making you to come back. Away from the daily routine and all the noise, we welcome you to visit the relaxation oasis at Laguna Verde.
Located in Balotesti-Fieni, within only 15 Km from Bucharest, the lake has a surface of 55 hectares and it spreads along approximately 3 Km. On the lake’s shore you will find a restaurant, cabins, villas and illuminated decks. Also, you can enjoy, daily, the wonderful view of the lake, walks on the lake (with pedal boats, ski-jets, boats, kayaks etc.), the swing and the terrace or the barbecue.

A variety of fish species such as the carp, the crucian, the catfish, the perch, the pike, the bighead carp and others, awaits you to test your fisherman skills.

You can launch a maximum of 6 rods, magnifying the chance to make a large capture.

You can take captures that have maximum 6 Kg. Those under 1 Kg are set free.

Captures larger than 6 Kg will be set free and after, the fisherman will be rewarded with a free fishing session. 

Due to the fact that the fishing pond is private, you will have the guarantee that you will not be disturbed and you will be able to fully enjoy your time spent fishing.