Located on the seashore, in one of the biggest European ports – the Port of Constanta, the Art Museum is one of the most representative preservation and research spaces of Romanian plastic art creations from the modern and contemporary periods, with a national importance.
Established in 1961, with a modest patrimony, belonging to the old pinacoteques from Constan?a and Balcic, the Art Museum offers to its visitors a view upon more than a century of Romanian painting, sculpture and graphics evolution, meanwhile it also tries to show and to establish, through reference pieces of art, the position and the role of Dobruja and of the marine landscapes in the context of the national artistic creations.

From a patrimony of 7800 pieces of art, there are exhibited almost 1500 pieces, in the three headquarters of the museum – the main headquarter from Constan?a, the Ion Jalea Sculpture Museum and the Dinu and Sevasta Vintil? Art Museum from the commune Topalu.

The museum's permanent exhibition is based on monographic core pieces which suggest a complex image of the creation of each Romanian artist, present in the museum. The visitors can admire numerous pieces belonging to Theodor Aman, Nicolae Grigorescu, Ioan Andreescu, Stefan Luchian, Iosif Iser, Nicolae Darascu, Gheorghe Petrascu, Theodor Pallady, Stefan Dimitrescu, Francisc Sirato, Nicolae Tonitza, Camil Ressu, Vasile Popescu, Jean Al.Steriadi, Lucian Grigorescu, Ion Tuculescu, Alexandru Ciucurencu, Marcel Iancu, M. W. Arnold, Corneliu Michailescu, Max Hermann Maxy, Margareta Sterian, Micaela Eleutheriade, Magdalena Radulescu, Lucia Dem. Balacescu (painting), Dimitrie Paciurea, Gheorghe Anghel, Ion Jalea, Corneliu Medrea, Alexandru Calinescu, Oscar Han, Milita Petrascu, Hans Mattis-Teutsch(sculpture) and many others.

The basic exhibition shows decorative pieces – European and non-European, meant to complete an atmosphere of contemplation and elevation.

The Art Museum organises numerous temporary exhibitions of modern and contemporary art, showing pieces, from its own patrimony or pieces belonging to other patrimonies, which represent stages, creations, evolution directions, personalities, young and upcoming artists, Romanian, European and universal art, in collaboration with other prestigious institutions from our country and from abroad or by itself.

Throughout its decades of existence, the Art Museum has published exhibition catalogues, studies of modern Romanian art, cultural and urban anthropologic studies focused on the specific issues of the Dobrujan space.

Visiting hours:

10 am – 6 pm, during season;

9 am – 5 pm, during the extra-season;

Mondays and Tuesdays – closed.