PARADISUL ACVATIC (AQUATIC PARADISE) COMPLEX, opened in July, 23, 2007 in Brasov, provides its customers with modern indoor or outdoor swimming pools, water slides, the highest quality SPA, but also a covered football pitch, a hotel and a terrace, all this throughout the whole year. 

AQUATIC PARADISE COMPLEX is equipped with 8 modern swimming pools, the latest was opened in the summer of 2008, and it is an indoor pool with a special area for 5.2 m, 3 m and 1m high jumps 

In the summertime, the outdoor pools (their water temperature is 27-31 degrees) are the ideal place for swimming and relaxing in the sunshine. The outdoor 1300 long chairs are available starting from spring to late autumn. The sandy volleyball court, the children’s playground, the exterior terraces, the good music and many other surprises will make you feel at the seaside, even if you are surrounded by mountains. 

The depth of the special pools varies between 0.35m (in the young children’s special pools) and 1.35m in the hydro-massage or the AQUA GYM pools. The swimming pools are 2m deep, and in the jumps area you can dive up to 4m deep.

If you want to enjoy a unique experience in the cold days, you can swim under the sky in one of the two indoor-outdoor swimming pools. The water is permanently 36-38 degrees heated. Thus, you can admire the surrounding winter landscape, while you are swimming in the pool or relaxing in the middle of the geyser in the outdoor half of the pool. 

The traditional showers, the feet relaxation bath, the waterfalls and a snow corner, no matter the season, a cosmetic salon, vertical and horizontal solarium centres, 3 relaxation and maintenance massage salons and a relaxation room make this complex an absolute one. The centre also provides water slides for those people always on the look out for fun. If you are not water sports fans, you can relax, in the same complex, by playing football on the covered football pitch.