Am Ring Hotel is located in the Grand Square of Sibiu, being dominated by the bourgeois atmosphere of the 19th century artisans and merchandisers. The construction, whose basis was founded back in the Gothic period, was modernized several times in the 18th and 19th centuries, while the latest renovation succeeded in providing the 21st century comfort. Thanks to the commitment of the restorers, we managed to preserve the atmosphere of an ancient period which is remembered by the people of Sibiu as „ good old times”. This atmosphere can be also found in the rooms of our hotel, as the furniture dates back in the 19th century, having been skillfully and lovingly restored.  

The mark of ancient Sibiu history can be easily and fully noticed in the design of Am Ring Hotel and the 70-seat restaurant. Gothic Restaurant preserves the same distinct characteristics of the hotel, complemented by excellent service and the delicious taste of traditional Romanian and International cuisine. At the ground floor of the hotel, you can find Amber Caffe where you can meet friends, enjoy your drinks, specialties, pizza or Gothic Restaurant dishes.  

In the hot season, Am Ring Hotel opens an outdoor terrace where you can freshen up while admiring the Grand Square or watching concerts and artistic events in the cultural agenda of Sibiu.