Located on the Black Sea's shore, in the city of Constanța, Zorile Restaurant offers you an unforgettable view each time you organise an event here.
Either if you are wearing your wedding gown or your groom suit, you are organising a christening reception for your youngest member of the family, you are celebrating your birthday or any other event, you can create a unique photo album, with the moonshine reflected in the sea as a background, at night or during daytime, with the foamy waves nearly hitting the shore.

During summer time you can refresh yourself on one of the two beautifully lighted terraces, where you can listen to contemporary music.
Inside, the restaurant is decorated in a modern style and its aspect comes as an addition to the charming view of the sea.

The wide space and the well organised placement of the guest's tables, created for the waiters an open space, which allows them to follow rules of table service, such as: right side service, clockwise order service, priority service for ladies and children, serving carts at the end of each table.

The Platinum Salon has a capacity of 250 to 360 seats.
The Golden Salon has a capacity of 170 to 200 seats.
The Silver Salon has a capacity of 90 to 130 seats.
As a novelty, now, the Platinum Salon can be united with the Silver Salon, through a sliding wall partition, creating a salon with a capacity of 600 seats.

All salons have an entrance facing the sea and are decorated tastefully.

The band or DJ spot is placed in a key position of the salon, so that the sound is spread evenly throughout the salon. Also, the salon has supplementary speakers, which can help you take your event's soundtrack to another level.
Zorile Restaurant is also equipped with air conditioning and heating systems, smoke extractor fans, soundproof walls and wireless Internet connection.

Our staff is trained and experienced in the art of serving. We give a special attention to their hygiene, their appearance and to the cleanliness in the salons andin the kitchen.