Water Sports Mamaia

Are you hyper active? Are you keen on strong sensations? Do you want to try something different this summer? We invite you to enter the water sports world, either on the foamy waters of the Black Sea or on the calm water of Lake Siutghiol. 

Kitesurfing - one of the most progressive sports at the moment. Kitesurfing, a new sport, strongly developed in the 90’s and initiated, mainly, by surfers who wanted a larger freedom of movement, higher speed, the possibility of gliding on water and fly at the same time. In Romania, on our seashore, kiteboarding has developed significantly for the last 3 years. 

Jet skiing - This leisure option is, in fact, a combination between an ordinary boat and a motorbike. If you have tried it once, you will not give it up. The sensation given by jet skiing is unique, especially when you ski on longer distances. Addicts say that the freedom sensation is one-of-a-kind.

Windsurfing – it appeared in the 60’s in the world and in the 90’s in Romania. It is a combination of sail navigation (where it took the sail from) and surfing (where it borrowed the board from), propelled by a single sail attached to the board through a flexible round connection (Power Joint). Although it seems a small sail watercraft, windsurfing can offer unique experiences, very different from those of any other type of sail craft. Windsurfing has established the highest speed record in sail crafts. 

Water skiing - Judging by its name, water skiing is the ski practiced on water and hauled by a boat. Its equipment is different from the one of mountain skiing and the techniques are slightly different, but the basis is the same: balance, courage and lots of fun. Since its beginning, in the 20’s, this sport has managed to attract more and more fans.