With a more than 40 years tradition, Club Union is the only 100% retro club in Sibiu which offers you guaranteed fun and unforgettable evenings. Since 2009 we have been developing Union 100% Retro project. Because we know you, we know that you deserve more than house music. You will wonder why we suggest a retro club in this day and age when everyone is focused on house and electronic music. The answer is easy: Union Retro Club unites the music lovers, those who know how to feel the music no matter the age or trends, those who understand that all you need to have fun is good music and friends. Union Club welcomes you to have the best time of your life from Tuesday night to Monday morning every week.

Moreover, because we thought of everything, after a night of non stop fun, we invite to have a late dinner at Union Spicy, the only NON STOP restaurant in the old centre of Sibiu. Beginning with the 1st of May 2009, Union Spicy offers you the best pizza, sandwiches, salads and barbeques.