The Turda Salt Mine is now a veritable history museum of salt mining. The excellent state of preservation of mining and machinery used to transport salt, together with the cautious work carried out for prepararing the mine to become a tourist attraction, have made history and legend meet harmoniously here. The increasing number of tourists arriving from distant geographical areas to visit the mine are a confirmation of interest and historical value.

The Rudolf Mine is 42 meters deep, 50 meters wide and 80 meters long. The Rudolf Mine is the last mine from Turda where salt was exploited from. 172 steps lead to the heart of this magnificient Mine. Heading to the heart of the mine, on the walls is carved the year in which the salt was exploited.
On the N-W side of the sealing salt stalactites can be admired that formed through the years. They grow about 2 cm / year and when they reach the length of about 3 meters, due to their own weight, they break.The panoramic lift offers turists a whole picture of the Rudolf Mine.

It is a cone shaped mine ( mini bell). The exploition of salt from this type of chamber leaves the underworld with an impressive view. This mine is 120 meters deep. The salt cascade, the underground lake and a bloom of salt stalatites help in the decoration of this huge underground bell.
The underground lake is between 0.5 and 8 m deep. In the center of the lake there is a 5 m high island, what is composed of salt waste dumped in here since 1880, date when mining was stopped in this room.

After its closing in 1932 the salt mine was forgotten till the second World War ,when it was reopened and used as an antiaircraft shelter.Up to the year 1992,when the salt mine was opened to the public,getting the status of turistic site,the first 500 metres of Franz Joseph conveyance gallery had been used for quite a long time, as a warehouse for cheese storage.

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-children under 3 yers old have free entance;
-children and students have to prove with a document (license/passport) aimed at day;
-retierees will present the cupon