Trattoria del Chianti is a traditional Italian restaurant accessible to everyone, having its roots in Chianti, a city from the Tuscany region of Italy. This region is renown for its famous vineyards. For over three years, the symbol of the city Chianti, and therewith the symbol of the restaurant, the black rooster, become a culinary symbol even for Brasov.

All begins with a good wine…and the main culinary secret of the restaurant is that most of the specialties are prepared with Chianti wine. The cuisine follows the traditions of the region, most recipes having a Tuscany region specific. The restaurant provides hundreds of recipes annually at every beginning and end of season (respectively spring-summer, autumn-winter). We change the menu according to the specific of the season and we add new dishes along the well-known ones. Moreover, as Winston Churchill once said referring to Champaign, ‘when you are a winner you deserve it, when you lost something, you need it’. Therefore you have the opportunity to choose from over 100 types of wines and Champaign, all offered with specific recommendations according to the dishes that you choose, the mood you find yourself in or the event you celebrate.