Undoubtedly one of the most romantic spots in Sibiu, The Stairs Passage is the connection point between the Upper City and the Lower City. Built in the 13th Century, The Stairs Passage keeps its original aspect until the present.

At the crossroad of Tower Street (Turnului Street) and Alexandru Odobescu Street there could be seen houses dating from the 17th Century.

The building located on the southern side of the Passage hosts the oldest restaurant in Romania which still exists in its original venue: The Golden Barrel Restaurant ( Butoiul de Aur). It is commonly believed that in this precise restaurant Mihai Viteazul(Romanian ruler from the 17th Century) took his meal after the battle of ?elimb?r, near Sibiu.

The Passage has two arches built in the Gothic style which served as buttresses. At the superior end, The Stairs Passage continues along a fortified wall which is parallel with Alexandru Odobescu Street.