There is a harbour in all the world stories. There always has been a wish to understand the way things work, people’s need to get to the place in which you can regain trust. The trust would be regained in the things you once believed, the plans you made before setting on your way and also in the people who helped you along the way. Only the ones who feel fulfilled in life, know that beauty can be found at the end of the journey, in that place where all things are as you dreamed them to be. No matter how you travel, by boat, ship or Crouse ship, all journeys end in a harbour on dry land. Once you get here,at The Harbour, you are free to think about all that is to follow: all which are left to be seen, how many shores left to reach, how many treasures are still waiting to be discovered on the islands of the world.

Schedule: from Mondays to Saturdays 11:30a.m.-01:00a.m. and Sunday 01.00p.m.-12.00a.m.