The common zingel (Zingel zingel) is a fish which can be constantly found in fresh waters with rocky and sandy bottoms.
The common zingel is an endemic species which lives in the Danube's basin, but it also can be found in other big Romanian rivers.
The medium size of a common zingel ranges between 20 and 40 cm, but it can sometimes reach 50 cm. The backside and sides of a common zingel are a brownish yellow and its belly is yellowish.
Its maxilla is a little bit longer than its mandible and it extends into a short snout. The mouth resembles a horse shoe and it has small and abundant teeth.
The reproductive season extends from April to May, when the female lays eggs on rocky stream bottoms. During the reproductive season the male's body turns reddish.
The common zingel feeds on worms, insect larvae, fish eggs and babies. During floods it seeks protection in pools.
The common zingel is a protected species, both nationally and internationally.